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Profit from a whole team of experts.

Each one is a specialist in his field, and so we are able to help you reach your fullest potential and goals. That is why our motto is:

„Improvement starts right now!“

Each coach has his own
area of expertise, but only
together can we perfectly
look after the athletes!

Matthias Knossalla
Coach, professional triathlete, and initiator of Trivolution-Training

A big challenge in triathlon training for me is time management. Matthias sat down with me at the beginning of the season and we discussed our time management plan and how training would correlate with that. The set-up is structured in a very understandable and clear way for me.

It really motivates me because I can see how my performance improves and just how exactly that aligns with the goals I am aiming for.

Heike Nübel


Through Matthias‘s constant improvement of training practices, his athletes are always up to date. His calm, motivating but always purposeful style makes me think positively as an athlete, and helps me to rediscover my limits. His knowledge stretches from putting on swimwear, through watt-regulated interval training all the way to the final jump.

Success is his expectation and he always motivates us to aim for that… through him one can reach ones goals.

Michael März


Through the training sessions which Florian put together, it was possible for me to make a huge improvement in my performance over a short period of time. The weekly kilometers were moderate but included high quality input. Florian discussed each individual session with me and gave me constructive feedback. This way I was always motivated.

Result: the intense and continuous training came with the desired success.

Christoph Hinkel


The training from Matthias is very diverse and on top of that (mostly 🙂 ) fun! Matthias always managed to give me new motivation and stimuli to keep going. Every once in a while training would be tough but that is something your opponent during a competition will notice.

The precise training guide helped me to fully focus on the sport and the training that came with it. Everything else was taken care of by the team of experts at hand!

Johannes Kappel


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