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No anonymity, but fast contact via the telephone, email, messenger or at a meeting. Our experts complement each other and will find the optimal solution for you. A team of coaches guarantees immediate and personal support, because we focus on quality instead of quantity, so that each individual gets the best care that we can give.


Professional Triathlete, Master in Sports Science, Coach & Founder of Trivolution-Training

From the start I was fascinated by both sides in a triathlon: that of the coaches and that of the athlete. It was obvious that I would become a coach, and I have remained so to this day. On my journey from Age-Grouper to professional athlete I went through many ups and downs. I have been giving my knowledge and experience to athletes at every level for years. I also serve clients as a personal trainer and work as a consultant and coach for various companies. In my opinion, the previous training offers on the German market is not enough to provide athletes with holistic and optimal support. So I decided to found Trivolution-Training.

My motto is: „He who does not know where to sail will never find the right wind.“

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Professional Triathlete, Coach & Partner of Trivolution-Training

After a number of years as a triathlete in the 2nd Bundesliga (incl. a rise to the 1st Bundesliga) where I gained a lot of experience, I specialized in medium distances and have already won several age class races at Ironman 70.3 races. Through my studies of sports science, I also have the theoretically necessary knowledge of the training sciences. My personal contact with leading sports scientists gives me additional sport-specific impulses and allows me to incorporate current research results into my training. In addition to the scientific foundation on which the training is based, I place a lot of importance on a respectful relationship between the coach and the athlete and a regular exchange with one another.

My motto: „Passion makes the difference!“

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Swimming Trainer, Olympic Athlete, Multiple German Champion, Vice-, World-, and European Champion in Open Water

During my professional career I won several national and international titles in the open water as well as the 400m and 1500m free-style. 2004 I fulfilled my life-long dream of participating in the Olympic Games in Athens. Since 2008 I work as a trainer and have been directly involved through this in World and European Championships. For a number of years now I have worked with professional triathlete Boris Stein for his swimming.

My motto: „In the calm lies the power.“

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Dr. Georg Abel (Prof. DHfPG)

Nutritionist, Triathlon Coach, Triathlete

Exercising and sports have always been an important part of my life. Checking out and exploring different types of sports, was leading to the wish of finishing a marathon one day. I enjoyed long training sessions, was excited and fascinated by pushing and exceeding my physical limits. By now I am working as a lecturer within an interdisciplinary setting of nutritionial science in combination with sports and training, focusing on endurance. I had the chance of turning my hobby into my profession and put science based theoretical ideas into practice. I think it´s very important to consider the individuality as well as strengths and weaknesses of each athlete within the training schedule as well as the ability to fit into the indvidual „every day business“. Additionally training and every training session should be oriented at the „big goal“ and the sense of each training-session should also be clear without missing the fun part oft he sport!

My slogan: „All in – always give your best in everything you do!“

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Adult Educational Scientist (M.A.), Mental Trainer and Coach, Lecturer

Body and Soul – especially today it is not always easy to have both of these working in unity and to keep it that way. Already during my studies as an Adult Educational Scientist I started working with people during seminars and workshops and to give suggestions for a healthy balance between work and leisure. As a mental trainer and coach it is my personal objective to help ambitious athletes on their journey of growing mentally and using these strengths at any given moment.

My motto: „Make the best of what you are, because that is all that you have.“

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Sports Physiotherapist, Athletic Trainer and Owner of Several Physio Therapeutic Practices

Through my involvement at an Olympic support point and the rehabilitative care of soccer players of the Bundesliga team FSV Mainz 05, I was able to collect important experiences for the treatment of sports injuries at an early stage. I myself practice combat sports, endurance sports, bouldering, slackline and acrobatics which help me to understand functional sequences that could come with complications and need treatment. Kinesiotaping, medical flossing and other innovative methods of treatment can prove to be effective ways of helping with difficulties. Kinesiotaping, medical flossing and other innovative treatment methods can be effective tools, but a functional and structural analysis must always take place from which the individual treatment strategy results. The aim is to develop concepts for the prevention of injuries, as well as the optimization or improvement of physical performance.

My motto: „A good start needs enthusiasm, a good end discipline.“

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Specialist in Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Sports Medicine, Specialist in Shoulder/Knee and Sports Surgery

As a former professional athlete I have always had a strong bond with sports and, as a partner in the Ortho-Klinik Rhein Main in Offenbach, I supervise a large number of professional and amateur athletes. The main focus of my work is operative therapy on the shoulder and knee joints. I have a strong network of national and international colleagues, which also cover the conservative field of orthopedic sports medicine. Since 2010 I have been top doctor in Germany on the Focus List of highest ranking doctors.

My motto: „A professional for professionals.”

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Nutritionist, Author, Food Coach

As a freelancing nutritionist I work for the Olympic support point Rhineland-Pfalz/Saarland. Alongside that I work as an expert in nutrition and speaker for numerous professional magazines and companies. My publications include „Nutrition in triathlons“ and „Nutrition in sports for vegetarians and vegans“. A number of professional athletes seek consultation from me as their private „food coach“.

My motto: „Good food = Good mood and performance“

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Bike-Fitting Specialist & Owner of

My motto: “We measure and analyze your individual biomechanics in order to optimally adapt your sports equipment to YOU – and not vice versa!”

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Master of Education ev. Theology, Sports Science

Since I became an adult I recognized my love to endurance sports. At first I wanted to lose a lot of weight, but after a while I didn’t do sport only, I became a competitive athlete. After a few years in the third and second leagues my team and I grow up in the 1. Bitburger 0,0% Triathlon Bundesliga. Not only my experience from the last years, also my studies at the German Sport University Cologne gives me the know how to design the best training for you!

In my opinion you cannot plan a training without looking at the things in your daily life. So, it’s my vision to get the best balance between training and daily life.

“It’s not only the pain to get a high quality, it’s the right balance!”

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Head of eSports, Computer Scientist, Triathlete

Having grown up with football and running as a hobby, a knee injury in 2006 forced me to renounce running. The alternative sports, swimming and cycling, completely unknown to me by that time, quickly turned into triathlon.
With controlled, holistic training and targeted care, I finally managed to get the knee problems under control and, despite the negative prognoses of the doctors, to compete in races. Infected by the first finish in a sprint triathlon, over the years longer and longer competition distances up to the IRONMAN followed.
In addition to various age group podium placings, I am especially proud of the two finishes at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
As a computer scientist and technology freak, I was very enthusiastic about the possibilities that Zwift offers for indoor training early on and so I have completed many intensive and interesting sessions on the treadmill and smart trainer over the last few years.

By this, indoor training has become an integral part of my training concept and is no longer just a bad weather alternative.
Workouts, grouprides and races, there is always something new to discover, there are always new limits to push.

My motto: “Always keep going!

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Whether at a meeting, on the telephone, via email or messenger. Direct communication and a constant exchange between coach and athlete are our top priority. Only by working closely together closely will we be able to achieve maximum success!


The newest scientific studies and discoveries and their constant integration build the basis for all our coaching concepts.
Those who stagnate with their knowledge can not win!



By using software from Trainingpeaks® we work with the market leader. Apps for all current systems complement our online portal and guarantee constant access. The transfer and control of data is very fast-paced.


A sudden appointment, illness of a child, or a spontaneous meeting? We know how difficult it can be to complete the training plan given unpredictable events in the day-to-day life and we do our best to adjust to your needs and make it as easy as possible. Coaching individually tailored to you and your life!